Communications Skills Workshop

We believe any journey towards enhanced people skills begins with the ability and confidence to engage and communicate effectively – with colleagues, clients and any other stakeholders.

Truly effective communication demands we start by considering the impact we wish to have on our audience – regardless of the size of that audience.

That’s why we introduce our communication skills roadmap at the start of every learning program. This logical framework shows you how to plan, prepare and deliver any form of communication in order to achieve your desired effect.

If you are not yet ready for an entire digital or facilitated learning program, we offer a half-day or whole day communication skills workshop to develop skills that can be applied to every interaction in the workplace.

We’ll even run a free 45 minute version of this framework at no obligation to show why it underpins all other interpersonal skills learning.

Communication Skills Roadmap

Planning and Preparation Framework

the audience

Desired impact
with that audience

Key information

Content structure
& sequence

Delivery Skills​

eye contact

& Tone

Body language
& gestures


Using visual